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Sales Engineers and Business Development Managers

RTP Company’s sales force is comprised of technically-skilled, experienced people who respond quickly to your most demanding application and design problems.

Sales Engineers and Account Managers build long-term relationships with processors and help guide the development of custom materials for active projects and monitor ongoing project satisfaction once production begins.

Business and Market Development Managers work primarily with OEM’s, helping to specify and test materials throughout the application design process.

Meeting short lead times, providing evaluation samples, and volume-based cost information — while supporting you from start to finish are priorities for all our sales representatives. They are your link to the wealth of technical resources available at RTP Company.

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Customer Service

As a customer you are assigned a professional Customer Service Representative. These individuals get to know you and your business needs, processing orders and monitoring delivery schedules so you can focus on other projects.

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Product Development

Developing the ideal material for your application is the cornerstone of our success at RTP Company. You can depend on our R&D engineers unbiased, innovative thinking and attention to detail to solve your applications problems with a specialty compound solution.

With over 30 polymer experts available around the globe, serving on dedicated product support teams based at each of our eight manufacturing sites, our R&D engineers are always available to assist you promptly and efficiently with custom material recommendations.

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Technical Service

Technical support specialists work directly with you during molding trials and production runs, providing expertise in material processing, mold design, and general trouble-shooting for working with specialty compounds.

Molding Guidelines Processing Conditions

Our technical experts are available at each of our production locations. Please visit our Manufacturing Facilities section for information on contacting the location nearest you for assistance with molding or material related issues.

CAE Design

Computer-aided engineering design services or analysis and problem resolution in: mold filling and packing, fiber orientation, warp prediction, and structural analysis.

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Guidelines for Plastic Design Overview of application and/or part design considerations that should be taken into consideration working with thermoplastic compounds and the injection molding process to eliminate common problems. Get the PDF


Toll Compounding

Utilize RTP Company’s global and extensive network of manufacturing facilities along with expertise for modifying polymers into custom compounds to manufacture your private-lable materials.

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