High Temperature Plastic Compounds

  • Improve performance at elevated temperatures >150°C / 300°F
  • Ideal for E&E components in lead-free soldering processes

High Temperature Thermoplastics, High Temperature ThermoplasticHigh temperature thermoplastic compounds offer significant retention of physical properties, along with dimensional stability and excellent electrical characteristics, at increased temperatures.

RTP Company develops these compounds to your specifications; each may be modified for flame retardance, wear resistance, conductivity, structural reinforcement, and color. High temperature resins also offer better chemical resistance than most other polymers.

When specifying high temperature compounds, do not rely solely on test data; the data is generated from specific tests that do not directly correlate to end-use part performance. Successful application designs account for the balance of load/temperature/time, allow for creep (strain over time), and include appropriate safety factors.

Ultra Performance Structural Compounds

RTP Company’s Ultra Performance structural compounds are based on carbon fiber reinforced PEEK, PPA, PPS, and PEI SuckerRodresin systems to create the highest performing thermoplastics portfolio available. These high temperature polymers combine excellent chemical resistance with very high strength and stiffness makes them the premier choice for energy exploration, industrial fluid handling, and other applications that experience extreme temperature and chemical environments.

 Manufactured using advanced compounding techniques that maximize fiber integrity; Ultra Performance Structural Compounds from RTP Company achieve industry leading strength and stiffness properties.  Combining the higher mechanical properties and lower densities of carbon fiber with the excellent thermal and chemical resistance provided by using high temperature resin systems allows these injection moldable thermoplastic materials to close the performance gap between plastics and metals. 

Ultra Wear and Low Friction Compounds

 By leveraging synergistic wear additive technologies combined with high temperature, and chemically resistant, PEEK, PPA, and PPS resins, RTP Company’s Ultra Wear products are exciting OEMs with a new class of materials they can deploy.
Wear Rings

Comprehensive side-by-side testing against incumbent thermoset materials at PVs up to 100,000 and temperatures up to 400°F (205°C) has proven Ultra Wear compounds provide industry leading wear and low friction performance.