RTP Company continuously innovates industry leading materials for the energy market. Materials specifically designed to meet the high demands of this industry include recent advances in Ultra Performance Structural materials and Ultra Wear materials. These industry leading materials provide the design freedom and production advantages of an injection moldable material. They allow design optimization, part consolidation, and one-step production of net shapes that eliminates expensive and time-consuming secondary operations such as annealing and machining.

Ultra Performance Structural Compounds

Drilling RigUltra Performance Structural Compounds take advantage of RTP Company’s expertise in high temperature polymers and fiber reinforced materials to obtain elevated mechanical properties that lead the industry for fiber reinforced high temperature thermoplastics. Mechanical performance combined with the thermal and chemical resistance attributes of PEEK, PPA, PPS, and PEI resins makes these compounds an ideal choice for applications that experience demanding usage environments.

Employing short carbon fiber, short glass fiber, or very long glass fiber at loadings from 20 to 50% allows performance to be tailored to individual application requirements and make these products a competitive alternative to aluminum, zinc, and magnesium metals or PAI and TPI hybrid thermoplastics.

Ultra Wear and Low Friction Compounds

By leveraging synergistic wear additive technologies combined with high temperature, and chemically resistant, PEEK, PPA, and PPS resins, RTP Company’s Ultra Wear products are exciting OEMs with a new class of materials they can deploy in  high Pressure/Velocity (PV) applications.

  • Excellent wear performance at very high loads (Pressure)
  • Excellent low friction performance at very high speeds (Velocity)
  • High performance at elevated ambient and interface temperatures

Comprehensive side-by-side testing against incumbent thermoset materials at PVs up to 100,000 and temperatures up to 400°F (205°C) has proven Ultra Wear compounds provide industry leading wear and low friction performance.

Download a print-friendly Ultra Wear Compounds Innovation Bulletin in PDF format.

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Controlled Geometry Pellets (CGP)

Controlled geometry pellets (CGP) have a unique patent-pending design optimized for compression molding – featuring precision width-to-thickness and length-to-width aspect ratios which allow them to tightly nest – producing Shapes-2stock shapes and thick-walled parts with superior mechanical properties.

Performance improvements from 20% to 160% are possible, allowing shapes to be used in new applications that could not be previously met by plastics.

As a fully compounded solution, fibers and additives in CGP are completly wetted with polymer, providing the highest performance benefit possible. With CGP, shapes are more uniform and void-free; better dimensional stability, less molded-in stress, and very low porosity allows production of precision parts with lower reject rates.

Reduced compaction and improved packing ratios result in higher production yields without the material handling and blending requirements of powder mixes. Multiple additives such as fibers, reinforcements, lubricants, other modifiers, and color can all combined into a single pellet that is custom engineered to your performance criteria. Initially available in PEEK and PPS compounds, the technology can be extended to other thermally stable resins like PES, PEI, and PPA.

Download the Controlled Geometry Pellets Innovation Bulletin (.pdf) for more information.