Engineered Thermoplastics for Electrical & Electronics

In the ever-changing electronics market, designers need development partners to address new design challenges as they arise.  The RTP Company can be that design partner.  As the largest independent thermoplastics compounder in the LED SptLight Black 2world, RTP engineers tap into a variety of polymer and filler technologies to solve evolving design challenges.  Specialty compounds from RTP can be used to both maximize production yields and enhance product performance. 

Enhance Product Performance: 

RTP specialty compounds address the increasing demands of the electrical and electronics market as products become smaller, more portable and lighter weight.  Whether this means replacing metal shielding boxes with a molded EMI compound or replacing a bulky, metal heat sink with a molded thermally conductive compound, RTP has the experience to deliver the required performance at the right price.  RTP has a full line of specialty compounds to meet electronic applications.  RTP engineers utilize:

  • Conductive filler technologies to address ESD control, EMI shielding, component and system grounding and thermal management challenges.
  • Wear and Friction reduction additives to improve tribological performance in moving parts.
  • Flame retardant technologies to meet industry regulations including halogen-free options.
  • Reinforcement technologies to provide structural support while replacing metal and reducing weight.
  • Thermoplastic elastomers to improve ergonomic and gripping surfaces.
  • Laser marking additives for permanent markings. 
  • Bio-based and recycled polymers to make products more “green”.
  • Color to meet your precise appearance target.

Contact RTP to learn more about how our specialty compounds can solve your design challenges.