Thermoplastic Compounds for Automotive Applications

The automotive industry is changing. Today less means more as you’re challenged to reduce vehicle weight to meet CAFE and emissions regulations.  It has created a global need for light-weighting.

Automotive engineered thermoplastic solutions

At RTP Company we have a proven light-weighting portfolio that includes:

We have successfully reduced weight in many automotive applications including shifter bases, arm rests, sunroofs, pedal housings, front end modules, door modules and more.

To meet the growing demand for low emission requirements, RTP has developed a line of low emission products including a VLF PP product for use in automotive interior applications.

In addition to our low emission offering we are capable of making appearance friendly VLF PP materials to meet automotive interior and exterior requirements… UV stability, scratch and mar performance, low gloss, uniform surface appearance combined with the outstanding strength and impact of VLF.

RTP also has a full line of specialty compounds to meet today demanding applications including Wear, Conductive, Color, Elastomer, Structural and Flame Retardant. Please see the Products section for a complete listing of our products.

  • High temperature Ultra Wear compounds for transmission seal rings and thrust washers
  • EMI RFI shielding for electronic enclosures
  • Electrically conductive compounds for fuel systems
  • Thermally conductive compounds for LED’s and other heat sink applications
  • Light Diffusing Compounds for LED Electronics
  • Cellulose Fiber  compounds for automotive applications